• The Boat Race 2024

    The Boat Race 2024

    Postgraduate student Tessa Haining (Balliol 2023, MPhil Modern Languages) will row in the Oxford University Boat Club Women’s Blue Boat competing against Cambridge in the Gemini Boat Race 2024. Two other Balliol women are in the Oxford Women’s Squad 2024. Rowing at number three, Tessa previously rowed for four years in the Harvard-Radcliffe Rowing crew.…

  • Torpids 2024 (Tug of Warpids)

    Torpids 2024 (Tug of Warpids)

    Dear Balliol College Boat Club, It is with great excitement and a hint of oar-ful disappointment that I present to you the riveting tale of BCBC’s recent rowing escapade at Warpids. While Torpids may be on hiatus, PCBC invited us to indulge in a different kind of rowing revelry – the Tug of War Extravaganza!…

  • Autumn Fours 2023

    Autumn Fours 2023

    The senior women had a great result at Autumn Fours, coming second only to Univ by half a length in the final.

  • Christchurch regatta 2023

    Christchurch regatta 2023

    Christchurch Regatta was discontinued after last year and replaced by Michaelmas Novice Regatta (MNR) organised by Linacre Boat Club. The Men’s first novice boat (A) had a fantastic rage against Oriel MB on the first day, winning by over half of the course! They were stopped from racing on days 2 and 3 (due to…

  • Summer Eights 2023

    Summer Eights 2023

    Women’s side Trinity Term saw a boost in training and moral, with W1 cycling to Abingdon for the first time. W2 once again qualified for Summer Eights, rowing on with ease. It was a great week of rowing, with lots of supporters cheering on the crews, and everyone racing sporting the iconic red bucket hat.…

  • Torpids 2023

    Torpids 2023

    Women’s side In Hilary Term, the second VIII qualified comfortably for Torpids – a great improvement on the previous year. Overall, the women’s side had the most success Torpids since before the pandemic. W2 went +2 despite multiple klaxons in their division, and W1 also went +2, moving up to 5th in Division 2. Open…

  • Eights 2019

    Eights 2019

    Summer VIIIs 2019 marked a good week for BCWBC. W1 continued their strong performance from Torpids and climbed +3 into div one, which is the biggest net gain since the glorious headship days. The girls started out on top of div 2 on Wednesday but got bumped by a strong Jesus W1 only a few…

  • HT19 Update

    HT19 Update

    A term’s worth of training culminated in Torpids 2019 where we entered two women’s boats, with W1 starting 3rd in Division II, and W2 starting 5th in Division IV. Our W1 stormed their way through the 4 days of racing, bumping twice on day 2 to get them into Division I, and winning Blades for…

  • Balliol Blues 2019

    Balliol Blues 2019

    Balliol is very excited to be represented in the Oxford Blue Boats set to race Cambridge over the next few weeks!  Ex-BCWBC captain Grace Joel is a 3rd year PPEist from Australia. This is her second year in the Lightweight women’s crew after she learned to row at Balliol her first year.  Having just missed…

  • MT18 Update

    MT18 Update

    Overall, Michaelmas 2018 was a successful term for Balliol women’s rowing. We recruited 2 full boats of keen novice rowers, who progressed quickly under the watch of our novice coach, Ella Morgan. We had a successful experience at New College Indoor Regatta, where both Balliol A and B teams made it to the final with…