Celebrating 40 Years of Women at Balliol



On the morning following the dinner in hall celebrating 40 years of women at Balliol, a contingent of our alumnae made it to the boathouse to relive memories of outings on the Isis. From ex-blues to some who had managed to survive their time at university without ever sitting in a boat (only now discovering what they missed out on!), several crews worth of ex-BCWBC rowers and coxes donned lycra from a range of years. Fun was had by all – rumour has it that the feedback was so good that there are plans to make this a more regular occurrence. It turns out, after all, that you do not forget how to row no matter how long it’s been since the leggings and splash jackets last came out of the wardrobe. The pictures below are testament to the number of women who attended.


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