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If you’re seeking the vibrant atmosphere of the Balliol College Boat Club, chances are you’ll find yourself engaged in various activities either at the Boat House Island or within Balliol College itself. Here’s a breakdown to guide you:

Boat House Island: Balliol College Boat Club activities are primarily split between Boat House Island and Balliol College. Boat House Island, located on the Isis Stretch of the River Thames, serves as a hub for water sessions, outings, and various boating-related events.

To locate the Balliol Boathouse on Boat House Island:

  • From the city center, head into Christchurch meadows.
  • Walk down to the river, and head onto Boat House Island across the bridge.
  • The Balliol Boat House is on the Island and has a big red lion painted on the blue shutters

If you’re anticipating an outing, go upstairs and wait for the cox.

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Balliol College: For activities such as ergs, gym sessions, weights session, or boat club dinners, you’ll want to head to the Balliol College site.

The gym and ergs are located under the JCR. You will need to get a key from the Porters.

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Master Field Pavillion: For circuits we will sometimes meet here. It is the large field on the Jowett and Master’s field site.

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Iffley Sports Complex: For tank sessions, swim tests, or capsize drills, your destination is the Iffley Sports Complex in east Oxford, across the Cherwell River.

  • Head east on High Street, cross Magdalen Bridge, and turn right at the roundabout onto Iffley Road.
  • After passing Stockmore Street, take the small path to the right leading to the sports complex. If you see Marston Street on your left, you’ve gone too far.
  • Navigate inside the complex and inquire at reception for directions to the “rowing tank” for tank sessions or the swimming pool for swim tests and capsize drills.

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